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IU Bloomington Students: The Center of Excellence for Women in & Technology provides countless opportunities for you to improve your tech skills, strengthen your leadership abilities, and understand the challenges women in tech fields face and how to combat them! Listen as some of our students talk about their experiences with the Center and what it means to them.

Description of the video:

the center is a place where you can come 0:05 in with no knowledge or all the 0:07 knowledge you have and just refine those 0:10 or learn new things in a 0:12 supportive community 0:14 where you're not judged if you don't 0:16 know something 0:17 or you're 0:18 welcomed with your knowledge as well to 0:20 help others 0:22 the center is like a supportive family 0:24 that advocates for you what the center 0:26 really had in their community was not 0:28 only the opportunity to learn different 0:30 skills 3d printing coding game design 0:33 but it also had this attitude of that 0:35 you were fine where you started so let's 0:37 just keep going and empower you on your 0:39 individual journey I kept an open mind 0:41 when going into CEW&T because I was 0:43 kind of afraid that I didn't have the 0:44 technology background to like be a 0:47 valuable member of CEW&T 0:49 and they completely proved me wrong even 0:52 if we're not going into the technology 0:54 field ourselves we may be able to 0:56 understand how this technology works 0:58 because we might be using it in our 1:00 workplace especially as things keep 1:02 evolving over the years it's a great 1:04 community to be a part of whether you 1:06 are a participant an intern or an 1:08 affiliate 1:09 we have all these different people from 1:11 all different majors 1:13 it's not just all about the work it's 1:15 about building the team and building 1:16 your network and building relationships 1:18 and connections 1:20 we all know how to communicate with each 1:22 other and have fun with each other and 1:23 be able to bring that to our community 1:27 CEW&T is really great about diversity 1:29 and inclusion and making sure that 1:31 underrepresented people are being 1:33 represented and that they're given the 1:35 opportunity to get skills that other 1:37 people may have already had access to 1:39 here's this person who looks like me 1:42 if they can do it then I can do it too 1:44 I've surrounded myself with all these 1:46 women that are so empowering and they 1:48 want to 1:50 encourage and build you up and prepare 1:52 you to step into the workforce I had the 1:55 opportunity to get professional 1:57 development in areas of 2:00 not just how to be a better leader but 2:02 how to be 2:03 more confident in myself 2:05 as a person and as a leader I've had so 2:08 many positive experiences over the past 2:10 five years as an intern with the women 2:11 who code team as the lead intern and 2:14 starting the new ethical ai team for the 2:15 center 2:17 I've learned so much about tech since 2:19 I’ve been part of CEW&T getting involved 2:22 in the center was one of the best 2:23 decisions I made as an iu student just 2:26 go for it then you might realize this 2:28 has been something you're like why 2:29 didn't I do this from the very beginning 2:32 I realized that this is going to be one 2:33 of the few times in my career that I’ll 2:35 be able to have this type of impact to 2:37 be on the ground working with other 2:39 amazing women who are very different yet 2:41 brilliant and work with the same common 2:44 purpose of empowering other people 2:51

Every company these days is or is becoming a tech company, and every employee must have a modicum of tech skills. The IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology can help guide and support you through this journey to career opportunity, help you build and grow a network of support to last throughout your career. Take advantage of it.

Mike Langellier, President & CEO, TechPoint

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