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We offer a diverse range of opportunities to help you build your career and leadership experience, gain tech skills, and expand your network. We are here to prepare you for a future of success in any major, field, or discipline. All majors and experience levels are welcome!

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Our Center provides tech skill-building opportunities, resources, and empowerment-themed events, all of which promise to offer something of value to you. As part of our community, you'll join a network of over 4,000 women from all colleges and over 300 majors across campus. 

  • Develop new skills to enhance your career options and shape your future career success.
  • Make connections and broaden your network.
  • Gain experience and build your resume in a supportive, collaborative environment.
  • Connect with professional mentors based on career goals.
  • Develop research skills and work with faculty.
  • Make friends and become part of a community.

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