eBadge Program

Show off your skills

A digital badge, known as an eBbadge, is an online endorsement of an achievement, skill, experience, or credential. The digital badge is a visual image that you can display online to represent the knowledge or skills you have acquired.

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of ebadges issued through our Canvas site's Course Networking System (CNPost). CNPost is a platform, similar to LinkedIn which acts as a virtual resume and professional social media platform.

We offer ebadges for some of our major programming, including attending our Summit, participating in an Accelerater Crash Course (ACC), working as an intern for our center, and participating in the REU program. 

Learn more about the Center's eBadges

Share your skills and experiences digitally with an eBadge

How to earn an eBadge

Complete the requirements for the badge in which you're interested:

  1. Attend an Accelerator Crash Course
  2. Attend the Summit
  3. Participate in the REU program
  4. Work as an intern at our center

Once you have completed these requirements, create a CNPost portfolio.

  • You only need to do this once, and you may already be using CNPost in one of your classes. 
  • After creating your CNPost portfolio, please notify our center to let them know you have completed all of the requirements.
  • Once verified, we will issue the badge to your portfolio
  • eBadges may be transferred to other online platforms, including LinkedIN.

How to receive an eBadge in Canvas