eBadge Program

Show off your skills with an eBadge

Every industry is a tech industry! Our eBadge for Digital Survival Skills provides you with resources to build your basic tech skills as they relate to your personal interests and capabilities. Impress future employers with your tech skills and display your eBadge on your LinkedIN profile.

Skills include Networks and File Management; Digital Curiosity and Lifelong Learning; Troubleshooting; Managing Digital Identity, Privacy, and Security; Strategic Web and Database Searching; and Collaborative Online Communication. This program will soon be expanded to include even more digital skill sets!

Description of the video:

00:01 every industry today is a tech industry

00:04 and 97

00:05 of employers say it is important or very

00:08 important that new hires demonstrate

00:11 digital literacy

00:12 are you prepared

00:14 the center of excellence for women and

00:16 technology is now offering a digital

00:18 badge or e-badge which is an online

00:22 endorsement of skills that prepare you

00:25 for future endeavors

00:27 earning an e-badge from our center is

00:30 easy and provides you with credentials

00:32 that will help you market your skills to

00:34 potential employers to earn your digital

00:37 survival e-badge go to

00:40 digitalsurvivalskills.indiana.edu

00:44 then choose from a menu of tasks to

00:47 further your skills in selected areas

00:50 it's completely customizable according

00:52 to your interests and needs for more

00:55 information about this and other

00:57 e-badges visit our website immerse

01:00 yourself get the e-badge

Get Started

Step 1: Assess Your Skills

Discover the various soft and hard skills you already possess by evaluating your abilities. This assessment tool will help you discover your areas of strength and areas for growth.

Step 2: Complete your eBadge

Once you complete your assessment, go to our web application to learn more about resources that can build a digital foundation and to earn your Digital Survival Skills eBadge.

Step 3: Share your eBadge

Once the badge has been awarded, you can find it in your Canvas Badges Backpack. Display your eBadge on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Canvas ePorfolios profiles.