e-Badge Program

Share your skills and experiences digitally with an e-Badge on Digital Survival Skills.

We offer an e-Badge for Digital Survival Skills, which provides you with resources to build your basic tech skills as they relate to your personal interests and capabilities, including Networks and File Management; Digital Curiosity and Lifelong Learning; Troubleshooting; Managing Digital Identity, Privacy, and Security; Strategic Web and Database Searching; and Collaborative Online Communication.

Our e-Badge for Digital Survival Skills will help you tell a convincing story to future employers about your digital competencies.

Description of the video:

00:01 every industry today is a tech industry

00:04 and 97

00:05 of employers say it is important or very

00:08 important that new hires demonstrate

00:11 digital literacy

00:12 are you prepared

00:14 the center of excellence for women and

00:16 technology is now offering a digital

00:18 badge or e-badge which is an online

00:22 endorsement of skills that prepare you

00:25 for future endeavors

00:27 earning an e-badge from our center is

00:30 easy and provides you with credentials

00:32 that will help you market your skills to

00:34 potential employers to earn your digital

00:37 survival e-badge go to

00:40 digitalsurvivalskills.indiana.edu

00:44 then choose from a menu of tasks to

00:47 further your skills in selected areas

00:50 it's completely customizable according

00:52 to your interests and needs for more

00:55 information about this and other

00:57 e-badges visit our website immerse

01:00 yourself get the e-badge

Every industry is a tech industry!

Assess your Digital strengths and weaknesses!

Discover the various soft and hard skills you already possess by evaluating your abilities. Much like a Myers-Briggs assessment discovers various personality types, this assessment tool will help you discover your areas of strength and weakness. You can even request a coaching session to complete the assessment (for accessibility purposes), to learn more about the Digital Competence Wheel, and/or to learn more about the web application.

This Digital Competence Wheel will:

  • Help you discover the basic tech skills that you already possess.
  • Calculate your percentage of competence in various tech related skills.
  • Tailor and align your strengths and weaknesses to our six overarching competence categories.
  • Provide you with an individualized graphic of your results (shown to the right).
  • Start out by assessing your own Digital skills.

Go to our Web Application to earn your badge!

Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, go to our web application to learn more about resources that can build a digital foundation and to earn your Digital Survival Skills e-Badge

This Digital Survival Skills e-Badge Web Application includes:

  • Investment in understanding your own knowledge and skills regarding technology
  • Identification of three or more areas of growth, or milestones
  • Completion of related learning experiences in each growth area
  • Successful articulation of your digital competency

This Program Will Soon Be Expanded!

See how this e-Badge fits into the bigger picture for your digital skills. Read our Bicentennial report for more information on things to come!

Additional e-Badge Opportunities

A digital badge, known as an e-Badge, is an online endorsement of an achievement, skill, experience, or credential. The digital badge is a visual image that you can display online to represent the knowledge or skills you have acquired.

Description of the video:

00:01  the center of excellence for women in

00:03  technology

00:04  is now offering digital badges for a

00:06  growing number of experiences

00:08  a digital badge or e-badge is an online

00:12 endorsement of an achievement

00:13  skill or credential the digital badge is

00:16  a visual image that you can display

00:18  online to represent the knowledge or

00:20  skills

00:21  you have acquired earning an e-badge

00:25  from our center is easy

00:27  and can benefit you by helping you to

00:29  market your skills to potential

00:30  employers

00:32  e-badges display that you have

00:33  up-to-date and relevant skills

00:35  that will help you succeed in the

00:36  workplace you can organize these badges

00:39  on platforms such as

00:40  linkedin wordpress or a personal website

00:44  to build an online resume that displays

00:46  the accreditations that you have

00:47  achieved

00:48  future employers viewing these badges

00:51  can see that you have the motivation to

00:53  learn new skills

00:54which makes you more valuable as an

00:56  employee

00:58  to earn our e-badge first visit our

01:01  website and register for a participating

01:03  center program

01:05  which currently includes attending an

01:07  accelerator crash course

01:09  participating in the emerging scholars

01:11  research experience for undergraduate

01:13  women

01:14  becoming a center intern and completing

01:16  a digital

01:17  survival skills track following your

01:20  program of choice

01:21  the center will add you to our canvas

01:23  course site accept the invitation to the

01:25  canvas course

01:26  and complete a reflection on your

01:28  experiences to receive your badge

Share your skills and experiences digitally with an e-Badge

To earn all of our Center e-Badges:

  1. Complete your Digital Survival Skills e-Badge
  2. Attend an Accelerator Crash Course
  3. Participate in the REU program
  4. Work as an intern at our center