About Us

Encourage. Empower. Advance.

As the nation’s first and only large-scale interdisciplinary, university-based initiative, we strive to encourage and promote the participation, empowerment, and achievement of women students, faculty, staff, and alumnae with technology tools and skills.

We believe technology is a catalyst to excellence in every field, and women are integral to the impact that technology has on the world.

“At the Center of Excellence for Women & Technology, we are more than just a place for women & tech. We are here for you wherever you go, giving you endless opportunities to grow.

Description of the video:

the center is a place where you can come 0:05 in with no knowledge or all the 0:07 knowledge you have and just refine those 0:10 or learn new things in a 0:12 supportive community 0:14 where you're not judged if you don't 0:16 know something 0:17 or you're 0:18 welcomed with your knowledge as well to 0:20 help others 0:22 the center is like a supportive family 0:24 that advocates for you what the center 0:26 really had in their community was not 0:28 only the opportunity to learn different 0:30 skills 3d printing coding game design 0:33 but it also had this attitude of that 0:35 you were fine where you started so let's 0:37 just keep going and empower you on your 0:39 individual journey I kept an open mind 0:41 when going into CEW&T because I was 0:43 kind of afraid that I didn't have the 0:44 technology background to like be a 0:47 valuable member of CEW&T 0:49 and they completely proved me wrong even 0:52 if we're not going into the technology 0:54 field ourselves we may be able to 0:56 understand how this technology works 0:58 because we might be using it in our 1:00 workplace especially as things keep 1:02 evolving over the years it's a great 1:04 community to be a part of whether you 1:06 are a participant an intern or an 1:08 affiliate 1:09 we have all these different people from 1:11 all different majors 1:13 it's not just all about the work it's 1:15 about building the team and building 1:16 your network and building relationships 1:18 and connections 1:20 we all know how to communicate with each 1:22 other and have fun with each other and 1:23 be able to bring that to our community 1:27 CEW&T is really great about diversity 1:29 and inclusion and making sure that 1:31 underrepresented people are being 1:33 represented and that they're given the 1:35 opportunity to get skills that other 1:37 people may have already had access to 1:39 here's this person who looks like me 1:42 if they can do it then I can do it too 1:44 I've surrounded myself with all these 1:46 women that are so empowering and they 1:48 want to 1:50 encourage and build you up and prepare 1:52 you to step into the workforce I had the 1:55 opportunity to get professional 1:57 development in areas of 2:00 not just how to be a better leader but 2:02 how to be 2:03 more confident in myself 2:05 as a person and as a leader I've had so 2:08 many positive experiences over the past 2:10 five years as an intern with the women 2:11 who code team as the lead intern and 2:14 starting the new ethical ai team for the 2:15 center 2:17 I've learned so much about tech since 2:19 I’ve been part of CEW&T getting involved 2:22 in the center was one of the best 2:23 decisions I made as an iu student just 2:26 go for it then you might realize this 2:28 has been something you're like why 2:29 didn't I do this from the very beginning 2:32 I realized that this is going to be one 2:33 of the few times in my career that I’ll 2:35 be able to have this type of impact to 2:37 be on the ground working with other 2:39 amazing women who are very different yet 2:41 brilliant and work with the same common 2:44 purpose of empowering other people 2:51