Our Mission

We are IU’s voice for women & technology

Our mission is to serve as a national model by promoting, empowering, and advancing women to:

  • build confidence and knowledge about technology
  • expand leadership and tech skills
  • fully leverage technology in support of academic and professional excellence
  • foster intellectual networks, resources, and interdisciplinary collaborations

The IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology is committed to:

  • Empowering women to use technology to benefit their careers, their disciplines, and their communities.
  • Celebrating the successes and accomplishments of women at Indiana University.
  • Strengthening interdisciplinary academic excellence through a supportive network of faculty, staff, student, and alumni.
  • Expanding the pipeline and eliminating barriers for women entering technology fields as students, graduates, faculty, and staff.
  • Promoting an inclusive environment which supports the development of women through teaching, learning, and experiential exploration.
  • Committing to standing in solidarity for equality, equity, inclusion, and justice and being effective advocates and positive change agents for ALL.