Women Who Code

Building confidence in coding

Women Who Code is dedicated to empowering our community to confidently use technology in an environment that fosters creativity and teamwork. We are a community that works together to learn new coding skills, share ideas, and have fun! Our group hosts numerous workshops from object-oriented programming to learning database languages. With the help of our affiliates, we put on events that fit current technology trends in business. Bring a friend and join in on the fun at the Women Who Code events this semester!

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Intern - Women Who Code


Nela is currently pursuing a double major in Math and Computer Science at IU and has a strong passion for spending too much time on assignments. She is a Cox Research Scholar and uses the opportunity to explore her interests in a psychology lab that focuses on women's participation in STEM.

Intern - Women Who Code


I am a passionate and driven individual currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science specializing in artificial intelligence, software engineering, and data science.

Kent Alexander Rerko

Faculty Champion

Areas of Expertise: Operations Management, Supply Chain, Business Analytics, Merchandising and Marketing at Target Corporation