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Design. Assemble. Work Together.

The Game Design team is an inclusive effort to bring women and allies together in the pursuit of game design, including associated skills and technologies. The Game Design team supports the needs of students in the game design program at IU but also serves the broader IU community of students interested in game-like media, as well as those interested in playing games. The team provides opportunities for instructional tutorials, professional development, networking, and socializing. These events bring together students from a range of backgrounds, and ultimately foster a community culture within IU’s game program and among students interested in games, more broadly.

Join us to learn about games and game design as we help underrepresented groups in the gaming industry find and utilize resources while at the university level.

Description of the video:

My name is Ariana Eiler and I am the lead intern for the Game Design student Alliance team. So the Game Design student alliance teams mission is to help underrepresented groups in the games industry find resources while they're here at university level and we try and make things really accessible and create a fun and supportive community for anyone interested in getting into game development especially women. We have social events that are kind of like we had a Halloween party earlier this year with a costume contest. Everyone comes and brings board games or video games and we just have food and have a great time. We also host game jams every year. We do the global Game Jam in January. This year we're hoping to see more people involved especially freshmen who may not have already known what resources are available to them. Join our community at the IU Center of Excellence for Women and Technology and come learn about games.

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Game Design Alliance Leaders

Intern - Game Design


A Junior in the Game Design program and Intern at IU, Tay has a passion for bringing equality to the world of game development and gaming.

Will Emigh

Staff Champion

Will Emigh is a senior lecturer in game design in the Media School. His recent work involves motion controls and augmented reality in games. Will is the faculty advisor for the student game design group Game Dev @ IU and manages the monthly game design meet-up Bloomington Indie Game (BIG) Night.