Project Description

By curating, preserving, and archiving data from major scientific facilities, we will help safeguard critical data for current and future scientists, enabling and ensuring scientific research and discovery for the generation to come. Through this project, students will assist in researching new technologies, curation, and techniques critical to the support and development of large-scale data cyberinfrastructure. Through this project, we will help enable current and future scientific research and discovery.

Technology or Computational Component

Students will research curation, preservation, and archival techniques to support large-scale cyberinfrastructure. As technology is rapidly changing and evolving, determining the best way to manage large-scale cyberinfrastructure is complex. The student will gather literature, technical reports, and industry reports on several topics, assist in synthesizing the literature, and assist in understanding the science needs through interviews and surveys. Students will use technologies such as Qualtrics (for surveys), Overleaf/LaTeX (for writing papers), GitHub/GoogleDrive, BibTeX, Slack/Zoom, and SPSS.