Project Description

The student will be invited to join a team of research assistants (including two REUW alumni) working with me on the Indiana Nonprofit Sector project (, which has been developing information about Indiana nonprofit organizations since 2001. Some 99 research assistants have worked on the project over that period of time, including currently 9 students. Our focus for 2021 is to undertake analyses and research reports for several major efforts: (1) a 2020 survey of Indiana local government officials on relations with nonprofits, (2) data on paid nonprofit employment for 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic (available, September 2021), and (3) a large survey of Indiana nonprofits. The CEW&T scholar will have a choice of which of several components she would like to work on.

Technology or Computational Component

The student will get experience using statistical software (such as SPSS), working with Excel to create and modify graphs, participate in research team meetings, and get exposure to a full complement of research procedures and skills, such as keeping research logs, cross-checking data, writing-up results, and disseminating findings to policy makers and academic audiences.