Project Description

Covid-19 presents a substantial and overwhelming life disruption experience to everyone. Outside of the pandemic, people also often experience these routine disruptions in different levels and contexts, such as moving, career transition, change of health conditions, or loss of family members. These physical or emotional disruptions influence individual wellbeing in various ways. However, current systems often are not designed to support these transitions. In this project, we are using food-related experiences -- food preparation, meal planning, eating, sharing -- as an example to examine how people cope with these disruptions, how people document and share these experiences, and how technologies can help people transition through these disruptive states.

Technology or Computational Component

The project is set out to examine how people use current technologies to document and share their food-related experience during routine disruptions. These understandings will then help support design of future technologies. We will use human-centered design methodologies to understand, design, and evaluate design principles in-situ.