Project Description

Depression and anxiety are the leading causes of disability in college-aged youth. Despite the fact that there are effective treatments for depression and anxiety, most youths do not receive treatment. Internet-based forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy (iCBT) have shown efficacy in treating depression and anxiety and may reduce the burden of untreated depression and anxiety. Our lab studies iCBT and other forms of "low-intensity" treatments that may be more scalable than individual face-to-face therapy. One specific project we are working on is surveying the mental health of IU-Bloomington students with an internet-based survey. Students who have problems with anxiety and depression are given the chance to participate in an iCBT program. Students working with us through this program will be expected to do heavy reading regarding the literature on iCBT. Additionally, they will be expected to help us promote data-collection efforts. Finally, we will also design studies to test existing iCBT programs.

Technology or Computational Component