Project Description

This study will investigate the leadership and management model practiced at the Griffin Realty in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. This company boasts of staff members from diverse backgrounds and expertise, and the company is growing. First and foremost, students will learn about the Ubuntu African Philosophy, which can be compared with humanitarian practices, although not exactly the same. The researchers will identify the traits of Ubuntu that prevail in this company and how effective they are in contributing to growth and job satisfaction among the staff members. The researchers will read Ubuntu focused research articles and conduct structured interviews with all staff members. The researchers will also do participatory research by observing some of the dealings of the company from the initial visits of home buyers/searchers to the closing of a house sale. The practices will be analyzed by applying the Southern Theory rooted in Ubuntu. The final analysis will aim at explaining how communalism and the social values of Ubuntu could have a positive impact on team effectiveness. At the core of the study will be a search for traditional African values that emphasize communalism, collaboration, caring, dignity and respect.

Technology or Computational Component

The student will learn how to send professional emails, design interview questions, and questionnaires, as well as to conduct interviews and administer questionnaires. They will learn how to do both quantitative and qualitative data analysis using one of the most assessable statistical programs. They will learn to use EXCEL and create tables and graphs to use when making summaries and reports. During the final stages of the research, the student/s will learn how to prepare summaries of research findings to present at the CEWiT Poster Presentation event. If interested, the student/s will work toward publishing a research paper in a relevant journal.