Project Description

This project is part of a bigger research focused on the changing identities of Swati women. It is based on findings from previous research studies, where it came out that in the Kingdom of Eswatini women faced inequalities imposed by the patriarchal systems that have prevailed since the 1900s. This study will focus on identifying how women singers use their skills in pursuit of justice and combating the inequalities that have prevailed socially, economically, politically and spiritually. Through this study the students will learn about edutainment, a practice of educating while entertaining, a skill that most African countries use. This research will involve the two students participating in designing interview questions and actually interviewing the singers via Skype or/and WhatsApp. The students will also use the internet and relevant social media to track the activities of the four women singers. There will be opportunities for the students to have first-hand experience of collecting, sorting out, processing, and analyzing data, together with the process of preparing summaries of findings.

Technology or Computational Component

Students will obtain experience with EXCEL (how we will produce tables and graphs for use in summary reports).