Project Description

The project will involve research at the intersection of online privacy & security and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The project will have one or more of the following goals: 1. understand people's preferences and practices related to privacy and security; 2. design and develop ideas and solutions for improving the user experience of managing online privacy and security; 3. evaluate the effectiveness of novel techniques to help people manage their privacy and security. To this end, the projects may focus on topics such as social media, smartphones, phishing, Internet of Things (IoT), passwords and authentication, etc. The most important characteristic required for a successful experience is curiosity, willingness to learn, and ambition and passion to handle challenges. The student will be part of a collaborative and collegial lab that has undergraduates (including previous CEW&T scholars), graduate students, and postdocs.

Technology or Computational Component

The specifics of the project will be carved out within this space based on consideration of the background and interest of the student. Depending on the project, technical aspects can include on or more of the following: data collection and analysis involving qualitative or quantitative data, designing and deploying online surveys or experiments, developing prototype smartphone apps, examining privacy and security features of programs and IoT devices (e.g., smart speakers), creating novel user interfaces and user experiences for managing privacy and security, etc.