Project Description

Sexual health, one of the most important topics post acquisition for women with a spinal cord injury (SCI), is a recreational therapy facilitation technique omitted from physical medicine and rehabilitation. Prior research completed by this researcher indicated that SCI sexual health education is disproportionately focused on men, untimely, or entirely absent during rehabilitation. This is further complicated when individuals return home to their rural communities and only have access to rehabilitation resources through telemedicine. The purpose of this study is to identify appropriate design and delivery of sexual health as a telemedicine facilitation technique focused on sexual health for women with SCI.

Technology or Computational Component

This research study will implement participatory design(PD) techniques to develop a sexual health mobile app within the scope of rehabilitation practice. In the process of identifying an appropriate sexual health telemedicine mobile app, we will explore how PD techniques can be applied to the use of RT telemedicine. We will facilitate PD workshops with sexual health stakeholders and women living with SCI, develop a set of curricula, information, and exercises for these workshops to inform the stakeholders (also referred to as co-designers) about sexual health, and guide them through the process of designing a mobile app. We expect this study to result in a well-designed mobile app appropriate for use in facilitating sexual health for women living with SCI, and potentially in the future branching out to other disability groups.