Graduate Advocates & Allies for Equity

Promoting efforts toward gender equity

Allies for Equity is a team of graduate men within the Center that promotes and supports efforts toward gender equity at Indiana University. Our group works to learn about the specific challenges faced by women in STEM fields, and how to use this knowledge to raise awareness and combat inequity in traditionally male-dominated fields. If you interested in learning about how to be an effective ally to women, join us!

Be on the lookout for these events

Workshops: A&A Workshops are the backbone of the program. Throughout the semester, we host workshops that give an introductory perspective to approaching issues of gender equity in academia. In addition to presenting data on inequity and discussing ways to further opportunities for equality in your workplace, we also practice skills that will make it easier to be better Allies and Advocates around campus. Completing the workshop will allow you to access a cache of resources that are available on the A&A Canvas site, and you will be eligible to become an Advocate and lead workshops and other events in the future. Workshops are held throughout the semester—check our Events page or newsletter to find out when the next one is happening!

Conversations: Held once a month, these brief meetings are follow-up opportunities to the lessons and techniques learned in A&A Workshops. Conversations are typically held at a local coffee shop for about an hour in the morning, and cover an article or recent news event that pertains to issues of gender equity in academia.

Upcoming Events

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