Faculty Crash Courses

Faculty Accelerated Crash Courses

Our Accelerator Crash Courses are designed to provide to provide a space for women to learn more than just the basics about a topic. These workshops are highly collaborative and interactive and are intended to encourage further in-depth and independent learning of the subject matter.

These workshops typically occur on a Saturday and/or Sunday, and last 6+ hours. Lunch is provided at each session. Because of the popularity of these workshops and the limited seats, attendees must apply for a seat at each workshop.

The courses are offered for Students and Faculty. They are open to any IU Bloomington student or faculty.

If you have a suggestion for a topic on which you'd like to see us offer an ACC, email us at cewit@indiana.edu.

Upcoming faculty accelerated crash courses

Practical Python for beginners: Jupyter Notebook

This Python crash course is designed for anyone with no prior experiences in python. From installation and basics to practical applications, you will learn essential survival skills to help you work with your data using a Jupyter notebook, an interactive and popular tool for data analysis, processing, and visualization.

Seating is limited, and lunch will be provided. Please register to claim your spot and to help us ensure we have enough food!


Past faculty accelerated crash courses


Overleaf is a free, online LaTeX tool that makes the process of writing, editing, and publishing academic documents quicker and easier. It's especially useful for navigating journal/publishing formatting requirements, collaboration, and creating presentations.


Olga Scrivner will be conducting an introduction to R. No previous knowledge required; lunch is provided. This introduction pairs nicely with the R and Shiny workshops throughout the semester.

Learn more about R and what you can do with it.

R with Shiny Accelerator Crash Course Part 2

Olga Scrivner joins us again for this Faculty Accelerator Crash Course. (Ph.D. Students are welcome too!) We'll begin with a short introduction to R, and then transition to Shiny, a data visualization ad-on package in R. There will also be time for personal project consultation and how to turn ideas into tangible consultation.

If you missed the first R Crash Course or R (get it?) brand new to R, please contact Jennifer Turrentine to get you caught up and ready for this workshop.

Learn more about R and what you can do with it.