Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Job Summary

The Assistant Director provides administrative leadership in development, implementation, and evaluation of programs to ensure goals and objectives are met. Plans, develops, and implements program activities to meet goals and mission. Performs duties necessary for successful program operation including recruitment, tracking, developing reports and budgets, and providing input to program’s marketing strategy. Oversees events, manages revenue generating programs, and ensures timely reporting.

Department-Specific Responsibilities

  • Programming: Furthers the strategic vision by developing, initiating, and supporting new programs, creating annual work plans, and operates within approved budget, including the following programmatic areas:
    • Summit - Assesses needs, designs, plans, and executes annual women’s technology conference for IU Bloomington campus and for a virtual regional audience. Collaborates with campus stakeholders including other women-focused groups on campus and IU conference services to develop a successful conference that meets needs of campus women and aligns with our mission. Researches and chooses optimal conference software for conference use. Identifies high visibility speakers and workshop. Manages conference schedule, volunteers, technical needs, and other planning logistics.Works with colleagues on marketing and branding. Supervise Summit responsibilities for part-time program coordinator.
    • Student Alliance Teams - Provides supervision, direction, and support of 13 Student Alliance team interns and their programming efforts. Develops skills of interns through improved processes. Ensures team adherence to expected deliverables. Provides support and training. Evaluates performance of intern staff, recommends development and performance plans for internships.
    • Mentor Collective - Works with contracted service to deliver high quality mentorships between women students and professionals. Promotes and recruits both mentees and mentors, ensures optimal matching and training resources for participants. Responds to flagged concerns and shares campus resources where appropriate.
  • Represents programs in communications to program participants, supporting regional campuses, collaborators in other units, community partners, vendors, and the public. Troubleshoots and resolves issues and problems.
  • Seeks collaborations and funding sources to sustain program goals.
  • Stays informed of best practices to create and implement policies and procedures that deliver quality program experiences.
  • Data Management - optimizes and maintains affiliate data and mailing lists. Moves adoption of CRM database to fully operational. Develops CRM reports to provide meaningful data to center directors. Produces accurate quarterly affiliate reports. Designs and oversees processes for collecting all relevant program data to heighten understanding of programmatic impact and mission alignment. Provides quarterly program data reports.
  • Assessment - Conducts routine assessments of programmatic and Center impacts on participants. Designs, administers, and evaluates annual interest and needs surveys for targeted audiences


General Responsibilities

  • Implements the organization's strategic vision and direction by developing, initiating, and/or supporting new programs and services, creating annual work plans, and operating within a board-approved balanced budget.
  • Ensures the maintenance of effective office management, financial management, record-keeping, and equipment and software.
  • Plans, directs, and implements programs or events, including developing branding strategy and targeting audiences for these events.
  • Oversees or represents the program in communications to program participants, supporting institutions, collaborators in other units, community partners, vendors and the public. Troubleshoots and resolves issues and programs.
  • Provides mechanisms, training, and advice on a variety of issues such as budget management software and advanced strategies for timely spending of grant funds.
  • Oversees research and academic activities budgets for programs. Identifies funding requirements and funding sources to ensure adequate resources to sustain program goals. Leads grant writing.
  • Evaluates the performance of lower-level staff, recommends development and performance plans, promotions and disciplinary action and is accountable for consistent administration of university policies.
  • Keeps abreast of best practices to create and implement policies and procedures that deliver a quality program experience.


  • Bachelor's degree
  • 5 years in related field

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