Project Description

There are currently three active research projects taking place at the Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) Lab. The students will get hands-on experiences participating in research related to designing technologies for the following: - Equine-assisted therapy at PALS Therapy. Our lab is currently developing sensors to track rider coordination and balance and horse gait and speed for assessing therapy progress involving people with physical, developmental, and mental conditions. - Animal rescue of wildlife species WildCare Inc. Our lab is currently developing a smart kennel to assist the volunteers in regular rehab activities of rescued animals such as feeding and cleaning. - Service dogs at ICAN. Our lab is currently developing technologies that will amplify the capabilities of service dogs, such as detecting early warning of triggers and notifying the care support team during panic episodes.

Technology or Computational Component

The students will participate in the design of smart enclosure for animal monitoring, sensors and wearable for animal tracking, and smartphone application for visualizing and sharing the data with human stakeholders.