Play to Win

Play to Win: Using Games to Reimagine Work
Friday, March 6
3:00 PM
Dogwood Room
Track: Technology Skills & Tools + Session by a Corporate Professional


Companies have been employing gamification tactics to draw in customers and create cult-like loyalty. We'll explore what gamification is and how it can revolutionize your work. We will share our secret recipe for how to use games to increase motivation, produce behaviors, and celebrate achievements.






Kristen Hoch

Kristen Hoch is an Experience Strategy Manager at PwC. Kristen is passionate about user research. Her work requires her to be a digital detective and active listener. Kristen focuses on user testing, ethnography, and content strategy while working with clients across a wide range of industries.


Megan Elisha

Megan Elisha is an Experience Design Associate at PwC. Megan is inspired by the visual elements that help drive solutions and intuitive experiences. She is responsible for combining creativity and awareness to create interface designs that directly impact users on their journey.


Kourtney Coleman

Kourtney Coleman is an Experience Strategy Associate at PwC. Kourtney serves to support the business and strategic needs of digital projects. She focuses on analyzing user needs and deriving valuable insights. She also continues to develop expertise and skill sets across a multitude of digital concepts and business methodologies, such as project management.