Plan Your Website Like a Designer

Plan Your Website Like a Designer
Saturday, March 7
2:30 PM
Walnut Room
Track: Technology Skills & Tools


Have you ever wanted to plan and design a website but didn't know how to start? In this session, we'll cover planning, research, idea generation, wireframe sketching, and design mock-ups using the Marvel app. You can practice with us to make your next web project a success.

Participants are requested to bring a laptop to this session.


rachel fang headshot

Rachel Fang

Rachel Fang is the lead intern for the Web Design team. She is a graduate student studying Human-Computer Interaction. She is from China. With a background in psychology blending statistics and computer science, she designs to bring human needs to light and develop solutions. Rachel loves exploring cities and reading. She hopes to bring her perspective in finding passion and encourage more women to pursue their dreams in technology.