Lean Manufacturing Teamwork

"Lean Manufacturing" - Using Teamwork to Maximize Your Efficiency
Saturday, March 7
11:15 AM
Persimmon Room
Tracks: Tech Skills & Tools + Session by a Corporate Professional


Have you ever wondered how manufacturing has gotten so efficient? Are you familiar with the term "Lean Manufacturing"? This interactive workshop will guide you though the basics of "leaning out" a manufacturing line by utilizing teamwork. The concepts discussed within this workshop are imperative as they are being utlized all over the world to help small and large businesses produce more at a faster rate every day.


Panelists: Members of the Southwest Central Indiana Society of Women Engineers

  • Katie Corcoran
  • Katelyn Schreiver
  • Nichole Elff
  • Jackie Setina
  • Elizabeth Solis
  • Linsey Sexton
  • Rebecca Foley