Attendee Guide

Because networking and interactive education are integral to Summit, we’re using the online conference platform Whova to host Summit. If you haven’t used Whova before, don’t worry; we’ll provide you with guides and tips leading up to the conference, in addition to Whova’s 24/7 support line you can call or email.

In the meantime, you can:

Guides for Attendees, Presenters, & Sponsors/Exhibitors

Platform: We’ll be using the Whova platform, which you can download as an app or use their website. By filling out your information, Whova will suggest connections with individuals with similar research or teaching interests, alma maters, and locations! You can also connect with any of the attendees and see their profiles using the app.

Breakout Sessions: Just like Summit in person, we will have different breakout sessions happening simultaneously. The Whova app or website will keep track of all the different Zoom links you’ll need, and you can save which sessions you want to go to your personal schedule in Whova.

Networking and Socializing: Whova will allow you to communicate with other attendees outside of the breakout sessions in multiple ways. You can schedule virtual Zoom Meetups during the conference for attendees to talk about different topics. There will also be networking sessions on Thursday, March 4 and Friday, March 5 from 4-5, where Whova will randomly assign you to virtual “tables” with different attendees. There are also virtual discussion boards for specific topics, or you can start individual chats if you want to talk with someone in particular.

Exhibitor Center: We will have sponsors for Summit in our Exhibitor Center, where you can visit their booths to network, talk about collaborative opportunities, and enter raffles. Feeling ambitious? Check into each exhibitor booth with Whova’s Passport Contest and you could win a prize! Check out who will be present in our Exhibitor Center.

Closed Captioning/Live Transcription: Because all sessions will be done via Zoom, you will have the ability to turn live transcription on and off as you wish. Simply click or tap the "Live Transcript" button at the bottom of your Zoom window.

Engagement: We’ll be having contests and raffles throughout the conference for asking questions during events, posting on social media, and more, so watch for different opportunities to win prizes!

  • Before your session, make sure you have sent any visual materials to!
  • We recommend logging into your session about 15 minutes before your scheduled presentation time so we can ensure all the technology is working.
  • Most sessions run for 50 minutes with 10 minutes transition time. Because of our tight timeline, we appreciate you keeping to your allotted time
  • Using different kinds of gamification during your presentation can help engage attendees; try using active Q&As, polling, and contests to interact with participants!
  • Each session will have a moderator, who will introduce you and watch the chat during the session.
  • Questions? Email

  • Before the Summit, make sure you have completed your exhibit booth! Read this guide if you don’t know where to start
  • If you also have a career booth, set that up as well before Summit! See this guide so you can make the most out of your booth
  • Questions about sponsorship? Email For questions about setting up your booths, contact Genevieve Labe at