3D Printing

The world needs more tchotchkes

We aim to improve exposure and create opportunities for students and faculty at IU to advance their skills and understanding of the use of 3D printing technology. We host a variety of workshops across campus for people from all disciplines and backgrounds. We host both entry and advanced level workshops on 3D printing and design to ulfill both the personal and professional needs of our community. Join us at our center to practice your creativity, mess around with 3D printing, and hang out with makers, designers, and friends!

3D Printing Alliance Group leaders

Lead Intern


I am in my senior year studying elementary education with a concentration in science here at IU. I hope to be a middle school science teacher, but I would be just as happy teaching any elementary grade. I love to read, bake, sing and watch t.v.!



Anna is a first-year graduate student who recently earned her bachelor’s in Intelligent Systems Engineering, concentrating in Cyber-Physical Systems from Indiana University. Continuing with a master’s in the same field, she wants to work with smart tech that is meant to interact with humans via natural language processing. Her interests are largely in AI within linguistics and the development of smart and autonomous tech.



Kara is an intern with the 3D Printing and Design team here at the center. She is a junior majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics through the Kelley Business School. She is ultimately interested in consulting and marketing, particularly the field of fashion or technology. She is always taking photos or videos in her spare time, and loves visiting museums. 

Leanne Nay

Faculty Champion

Leanne is IU’s Digital Engagement Librarian and manager of the Wells Library Mini Makerspace. She is passionate about creativity and play in higher education and has a background in film production and graphic design.