Project Description

Oil and gas is one of the major sectors of the U.S. economy, but it is often understudied in management research. Imagine you have a map that starts blank and then fills up as companies drill oil wells. I have access to a dataset that documents thousands upon thousands of oil wells that have been drilled in the U.S., characteristics of the well (for instance how deep it is) and who currently operates it. As a CEW&T research intern, we will work together to extract this data, develop research questions that can be answered from it, complete visualizations using built-in software of the geography of the wells in a particular part of the country, and prepare a write-up for conference submission based on what we find. I am interested in how the oil and gas firms learn from one another, how they compete with each other, and how this affects each firm's performance.

Technology or Computational Component

You will be trained to use an intuitive web-interface that professionals in the sector use to access a wealth of data. It is essentially a geographic-information-system, so each oil well is plotted onto an interactive map. You will also be trained to use a statistics program, either R which you will be learning in your CEW&T class or STATA, to summarize the data and run analyses. Finally, this sector is technology-intensive, and so in part we are trying to understand how firms use technology to improve their decision-making.