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If you have a laptop you no longer need, pay it forward during these COVID times and help IU students by donating your used but usable laptop to the new IUpcycle program!

The “new normal” of Zoom meetings, virtual visits, and online classwork has highlighted the need for reliable access to technology for all students. Your donation will help an IU student avoid the stress of having inadequate equipment to get their work done, to better enable success.

IUpcycle is only taking functional laptops at this time because of our limited number of volunteers.

And, if you are a current IU student in need of a laptop, you may request a donated laptop.

This program is sponsored by our Center in collaboration with the IUpcycle team from the Ph.D. Program in the Department of Biology. Email Questions to Kaitlin Doucette. Use ‘IUpcycle’ in the email subject for the quickest response.

Donate or Request a Laptop