Student Affiliates

Our Center is here to support you

In today's job market, IT job applicants are not the only ones who need tech skills. With technology quickly and constantly changing, employers everywhere are looking for tech-savvy job candidates for non-tech positions. This means that administrative, creative, sales, marketing, and other non-IT job seekers must solid tech backgrounds and skill sets to stay competitive.

Why Connect to our Center?

When you connect with us, you can take advantage of our programs and network with other students, faculty, staff, and alumnae as you:

  • Gain skills and knowledge – even if you don't have any yet!
  • Build on existing skills and knowledge – regardless of your status (faculty, student, staff, or alumnae) or area of study/work.
  • Improve job marketability in any field.
  • Get involved with interdisciplinary research.
  • Build a network of friends and find a place where you belong.

First steps for new student affiliates

To get the most out of our Center, we recommend that you:

Connect with us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and/or LinkedIN pages/groups.

A technology experience portfolio is a place to track a collection of all technology related experiences you have here at IU, including your skills, courses, workshops, events, internships, and other technology experiences. Keep your portfolio in a format that makes sense for you, like a Microsoft Teams folder, a spreadsheet, an e-portfolio, a web page, or a word document.

There are a lot of events and opportunities available to you now that you've affiliated with our Center, consider sharing these new experiences with a friend!