Faculty Advisory Board

Meet our Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board serves to provide oversight to program offerings and initiatives for our faculty affiliate groups. This includes the SSHAPE Faculty Affiliates, STEM Faculty Affiliates, and the Male Advocates and Allies for Equity Affiliates.

David Daleke

Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences;
Associate Dean, University Graduate School

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Amanda Diekman

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

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Vivian Halloran

Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion; Professor of English

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Carmen Henne-Ochoa

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, College of Arts and Sciences

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Diane Henshel

Associate Professor, O'Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs

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Tom James

Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

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Sandra Kuebler

Associate Professor, Linguistics

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Laura Brown

Senior Lecturer, Chemistry

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Jess Calarco

Associate Professor, Sociology
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Emily Fyfe

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

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Nikki Pohl

Professor, Chemistry;
Joan & Marvin Carmack Chair;
Associate Dean of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

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Gamze Ozogul

Associate Professor, Education

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Theresa Quill

Map and Spatial Data Librarian
Associate Librarian
Scholarly Communication

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Katherine Rhode

Associate Professor, Astronomy

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Kosali Simon

Herman B Wells Endowed Professor
Associate Vice Provost for Health Sciences
Editor, Journal of Health Economics
Co-Editor, Journal of Human Resources

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Adam Ward

Associate Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs

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